About Us

 Melanie is a wife, new mom, school psychologist, just-for-fun violinist, aspiring just-for-fun tennis player, and all-around silly person. She loves animals (they are all her "buddies"), cooking, EATING!, fresh air, family, dancing (we are talking ridiculous for-your-kitchen-only dancing here), HGTV (this borders on obsessive), and traveling. She is also a big fan of fixing up the house (hence all of the HGTV). She doesn't like scraping her car windows when they're frosty, folding laundry (the worst job ever!), soggy bread, or bullies.

Eric is a husband, new dad, water rights attorney, bike rider (who spends way less time on his bike than he'd like), serial coffee drinker, Spanish-speaker, and all-around thoughtful dude. He loves his role as dad and can get Jonah riled up like nobody's business. He also loves the comic Frazz, pastries and bagels, and NPR (he can give you background on pretty much any world event). He is not a fan of loud noises, commuting to work, or painting.

Jonah is the newest addition to the family, born on August 12, 2011. He is the apple of our eye, and we can't even imagine a life without his squirmy, kissable, smiley self at the center. It seems like he learns something new every day, and we relish every little triumph. This blog is disproportionately focused upon Jonah, and there will be no apologies for this. There is nothing better than a baby picture bonanza!

Tilly & Luna
Tilly (a.k.a., Tilly Monster, Monster, TM, Chairman Meow, Silkiest Friend) and Luna (a.k.a., Spazzbot, Pufferino, Ghengis Kitty, Luna Lou) are our two shelter kitties and our first babies. Up until Jonah's arrival, they were way too spoiled and ran the show at home. Post-Jonah, they are having to adjust a bit, but are doing a great job. They still run the show, just in more under-the-radar ways.