We Are Definitely Two

Here are Jonah's two-year-old portraits, taken by the lovely and talented Lynette Seelmeyer. With Jonah being two and us shooting at a playground, it was quite the task for Lynette to get many formal portraits (we all got a workout!), but I am really happy with how the pictures turned out. We even got some nice shots of Jonah with Nana and Grandpa M to commemorate the end of two years of them providing full-time childcare to him (for which we are eternally grateful). Enjoy!











Back in August, we held Jonah's second birthday party in our backyard. Currently, Jonah is in love with anything transportation-related, so we decided to make that our party theme. Lots of friends and family showed up and, most importantly, Jonah had a blast. Happy birthday to our little man.