Halloween Shenanigans

It is only a couple of days until Thanksgiving, so I am feeling a little pressure to get Jonah's Halloween pictures posted. This was a great Halloween, as it was the first one that Jonah really got to enjoy. Last year, I think he was totally confused and/or completely oblivious whereas, this year, he relished every new experience. The first order of business was a visit to a local pumpkin patch with Eric and me.
Next up was pumpkin carving with special guest Uncle Matt.
 A few days later was the costume parade at our local library, which was really cute. I took time off of work and met Jonah, Nana, and our family friend Sue to see the little man's inaugural run in his new hedgehog costume. I am so glad I was able to be there. Didn't get any pictures during the actual parade, but these are from the after-activities.
 Finally, we took Jonah trick or treating to our close neighbors' houses, and also to visit our friends Kevin and Lisa in their new house. Judging from the photos, I think Jonah really enjoyed his first Halloween out and about in the neighborhood.
So enjoyed Halloween with Little Man this year. Can't wait to do it again next October!

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