What We Did On Our Summer Vacation: Part Two

Hey, I am getting around to Part Two of pictures from the summer, and it is only the last day of September! At this rate, I will get through the summer photos by the time Christmas rolls around. Go, me! I kid, I kid. This is the second-to-last installment of summer pictures, and I thought they were important ones. I didn't want to leave Jonah's birthday out, despite the long delay, so here you go: pictures from Jonah's first birthday fiesta. It was a great time (which may not have guessed, based upon Jonah's super serious facial expression in these photos). We were so thankful to get to share the day with our wonderful friends and family.

I so wish I had a better picture of Jonah with his new wagon. He is in LOVE.

Next up, the J Man's one year portraits--these will be worth the wait, but I will try not to make the wait too long. We'll see...

P.S. Please excuse the irregular spacing. I don't know what's up with that, but I am sleepy and don't feel like fixing it.