What We Did On Our Summer Vacation: Part One

So, for a while last school year, I was a super star blogger. I was doing five posts per week! Maybe because of that, though, I crashed about a third of the way through the summer. Perhaps I was all blogged out, or maybe I dropped the ball on the blogging because being a stay-at-home mom is way more hectic (and wonderful) than I expected. Regardless, it was slow going with blog maintenance. Now, though, it is high time for an update on what the crew has been up to since July.

Long story short, after the big Telluride trip, we pretty much took it easy this summer (with the exception of attending Eric's Dad and Edie's wedding in Ogden in July, which was such a whirlwind trip that we didn't take any pictures--shame on us!). We spent some quality time in Strongmont with the little man, enjoyed visits from friends and family, and capped off the summer with a first birthday fiesta for Jonah in our back yard.

With the explanations out of the way, let's get on with the photos. First, a few shots from a mid-summer visit from Eric's family. Uncle Pat and Aunt Amber were out from Ohio, Uncle Nate and Aunt Lena drove up from Denver, and Grandpa P came down from Fort Collins. It was so nice to see them all!.

Another fun summer activity was a visit to Sunflower Farms, which is just outside of town. It was crazy hot on the evening we went (and, let's face it, almost every evening this summer), but there were so many things to do and see. Jonah had a great time checking everything out.


 Jonah also got to get up close and personal with some baby animals (and grown up animals) when we visited the Boulder County Fair. As a former 4-H kid, I love me some county fair time, so I think I might mandate that this be an annual family outing.

In between outings, we have just been hanging as a family. It has been so fun to see how quickly the J Man is picking up new skills. He can now wave bye bye, walk holding just one of our hands, and point (which has definitely upped his level of demandingness, but at least he can now tell us what he wants!). Here are just a few photos of Jonah at play. Love our little guy.

Next up, the birthday bash! Back soon with those pictures.