Taking the Show on the Road, Iphone Edition

We are home safely from our first big vacation with the Jonah man, and I must say that the trip was quite eventful. Some of the eventfulness sprung from icky stuff (Boo! Stomach flu!) and others from wonderful stuff (Yay! Beautiful mountain wedding!). We didn't take nearly as many pictures as we had planned, as all ten days were pretty mile-a-minute, but I think we got some good ones, nonetheless. I'll start off with the ones I captured on my phone, with more from our camera coming your way tomorrow. Enjoy!
Jonah's often uncanny ability to zonk out in his car seat saved us on more than one occasion during the trip. He took some great naps on the drive to and from home, and also took some rides in the middle of the night, when he wasn't sleeping and our hotel neighbors wanted to be.
Our first night on the road, we stopped in Alamosa, about mid-way to our destination. It was super windy but we hit up a very cool coffee shop (Milagro--totally not for profit and thoroughly tasty) and relaxed as a family.
 Before heading back to our Alamosa hotel room, Jonah got some quality time on the swings. Little did we know at the time that the J man was sick to his stomach, which we would discover in the middle of the night. At least he had a good time during the day. Poor little guy.
 Our next stop was Durango, where we stayed with Eric's wonderful friend Lorelyn and her lovely husband, Travis, on their farm outside of town. Unfortunately, the stomach flu hit Mama P starting the first day there and, later, Papa P, but to a much lesser extent. We did get one nice brewery lunch at Steamworks in before things got truly out of hand, and Jonah was a pro at flirting with the waitresses, as always, so that was good.
 Following a few days in Durango, which were mostly great despite us all having a case of the ick, we made our way to Telluride for my sister, Emily, and Jordan's wedding. Jonah took two rides on the gondola and was a regular man about town, charming passers by everywhere he went.
 Moving into the main event, my sister was a beautiful, happy bride, and the wedding was just wonderful--so personal and so Emily and Jordan. I can't believe my little sister is married! How time has flown since we were awkward little girls growing up in The Junk. Of course, we're both still awkward, at least when we're not all gussied out and weddingly. That will never go away. Ha.
For the wedding, Eric was the officiant, I was the honor attendant (okay, matron of honor--hate that title), and Jonah was the ring bearer. He made it down the aisle in high style, but struggled a bit during the ceremony what with Mom and Dad both having duties. Luckily, though, family friend Sue whisked him away so that others could enjoy the nuptuals (wish I could say the same for Sue..), and he was in great spirits for the reception. He made the rounds saying hi to all of the friends and relatives and did his bow tie (made my Nana) justice. We were so proud of our little guy.

And, with that, I will wrap up round one of vacation pictures. More on the way manana.

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