Taking the Show on the Road, Camera Edition: Part One

As I mentioned in my previous post, one of our destinations during our vacation was the home of Lorelyn and Travis. Lorelyn went to law school with Eric, and she and Travis both currently work for the Southern Utes. They have some property outside of Durango that they have dubbed Tomboy Farm, and it was awesome! They have kitties and chickens and, perhaps most excitingly, baby chicks. They also have a couple of railroad cars (in addition to his job with the tribe, Travis is an engineer for the Durango to Silverton line and got a deal on the train cars), a root cellar, a charming house, a Jonah-sized marionette made in Lorelyn's image, a head massager (a big hit with the J Man)--the list of wonders goes on and on. Plus, they were excellent cooks and amazing hosts, which is saying a lot considering they had to put up with us being ill half (okay most) of the time we were there. Needless to say, we are super thankful for their hospitality. Here are a few shots from the farm.

More photos and stories from the road coming your way Wednesday!

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