My Favorite Things: Part Seven (Travel Edition)

These are a few of my favorite things (that I learned on our first big trip as a family of three):
1. Always maximize driving time during Jonah's regularly scheduled naps. On the way home, we got from Glenwood to Silverthorne on one nap by not making any stops while Jonah was asleep. It made for a much smoother last stretch of the trip.
2. Bring the Boppy along. So glad I didn't leave it at home.
3. Jonah needs to sleep in his own room, even when we are staying at hotels. At least, based upon our experiences this trip, he seems to do much better with a room of his own.
4. Given the right set-up and enough space, Jonah's "own room" can be the hotel bathroom. It is separate, dark, and has a built-in white noise machine (the fan). Luckily, our room in Telluride had a separate little room for the toilet, so I didn't feel like a totally creepy mom for setting his Pack n' Play up in there.
5. You can travel with cloth diapers. Eric and I were very anxious about the prospect of using disposables (our cloth diapers are much more reliable, in our experience), so we decided to try to make a go of it. We schlepped all of our CDing gear along on the trip and, with the help of kind friends and in-hotel laundry facilities, it all worked out.
6. It makes a big difference to try to keep as many pieces of Jonah's schedule and routine in place as possible, even on crazy travel days. He seemed much more in his element on the days when his naps and meals were as they are at home.
7. Squeeze-y pouches of baby food are awesome for traveling. We just tried them for the first time on this trip, and are thankful we did.
8. Bow ties on babies are adorable. Even when he was having a tough time during Em and Jordan's ceremony, people couldn't help but smile at Jonah in all of his bow-tied glory.
9. Cell phones with unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes can work as baby monitors (with some caveats).
10. You can take a leave of absence from your job, but not from parenting. Traveling with the J Man was definitely fun and definitely worth it, but it was exhausting!

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