Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day, I wanted to devote a post to two of my favorite people. First, my dad, Scott, who is an amazing person and an incredible dad. He is, and has been throughout my life, an extremely involved father. He has backed me and my siblings up no matter what endeavor we have pursued, visiting us at our jobs, cheering us on (and coaching us in) our various sporting events, attending all of our plays, recitals, and concerts. Also, he has imparted in all of us a love of animals and of the outdoors, and is the most knowledgeable person I know about wildlife, camping, and fishing. In general, he is incredibly intelligent and very wise, and he is always there with fatherly advice when you need it. Finally, it has been amazing to see my dad as a co-caretaker for little Jonah this past school year. It was, in fact, my dad's idea that he and my mom care for the baby when I went back to work, and I am so thankful for them being willing to take on that commitment. Jonah is so lucky to have such a wonderful grandpa, as I am to have him as a father.
Second, I have to give serious kudos to my wonderful husband, Eric, on his very first Father's Day. Nearly every time we go out with family or friends, I field tons of comments about what an amazing dad Eric is to Jonah, and it is one hundred percent true. From the day Jonah was born, Eric has been totally committed to making parenting his top priority, and he shares at least half of all of the baby care duties, which I am pleased about because, from others' reports, that isn't always the case with dads. Eric is a diaper-changing, baby-feeding, tot-bathing, little man-entertaining machine. He also goes out of his way to allow me time to myself to recharge, even if that sometimes means less time for him to pursue his personal interests. I am so grateful! More importantly, though, Eric means the world to Jonah. He obviously loves being a dad, and it's easy for Little Man to pick that up. Jonah lights up when his papa enters the room. My two boys have an incredible connection, and it is so fun to watch. 
So, to both my dad and to Eric, happy Father's Day (a day late). You are both much-loved, much-respected, and much appreciated!

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