The Big (Okay, Little) Cheese

Tonight, Jonah and I headed up to the Fort Collins Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday celebration for Sam, the son of our friends Amy and Rob. I was a little curious to see how Jonah would react to all of the stimuli. Luckily, he LOVED pretty much everything about the trip. He got to watch big kids, ride rides (tame ones, of course), meet new people, and look at flashing lights. He was in heaven. After a couple of hours, he was totally wiped out but, in general, I think he had a really great time. Happy birthday to Sam and happy first visit to Chuck E. Cheese, Little Man Magoo!


A Place With a Pool

I recently got Jonah a ten dollar wading pool during a trip to Ace Hardware. There were fancier ones with more space, accessories like slides, and so on, but I thought we'd keep it simple. Jonah seems pretty content with the little one we got and, with the hot weather we've been having lately, cooling off in the water feels great. I have a feeling J and I will be having an awful lot of pool parties this summer.


Wyo, Wyo, Off To Wyo We Go

Last year, my parents bought a log home in Encampment, Wyoming, near where they have camped and backpacked together since the 1970's. It is a great house, and has become a really nice place for the family to get together throughout the warmer months. These are a few shots from Eric, Jonah, and my most recent visit.


These Baby Feet Were Made For Walking

Thought I would end the week with a cute Jonah video. Nothing wrong with that, right? Have a great weekend, everyone.


The Start of Something Good

We might regret having gotten this toy for Jonah. Hopefully, this isn't a skill that will generalize to very many other situations. It is pretty adorable, though, for now.


I am going to do a little double posting today, as things got hectic yesterday and I didn't get around to the blog. Sorry about that. Who knew that being a temporary stay-at-home-mom would be so time consuming? Regardless, we spent some of our busy day yesterday doing laundry, which is one of Jonah's favorite chores with which to help. By help, I mean that he enjoys pulling laundry out of the dryer (when it is still wet, mind you) and pulling clothes out of the basket (fun when they are unfolded, but even better after they have been folded and are ready to put away). Here are a few cute photos of the little guy in action.


Time to Crawl

Jonah recently started crawling, which is very exciting! We had begun to think that maybe crawling wasn't in the cards, as Jonah has generally protested to the max any time he has been placed on his stomach and is in love with assisted walking. However, he must have figured out that Mom and Dad's fingers are not always at-the-ready to help him get to where he wants to go because, one day, it was like a switch was flipped and away he went on all fours. In honor of Jonah reaching this milestone, here are a couple of pictures of crawling action, including one of Daddy serving as a model. Too cute!


Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day, I wanted to devote a post to two of my favorite people. First, my dad, Scott, who is an amazing person and an incredible dad. He is, and has been throughout my life, an extremely involved father. He has backed me and my siblings up no matter what endeavor we have pursued, visiting us at our jobs, cheering us on (and coaching us in) our various sporting events, attending all of our plays, recitals, and concerts. Also, he has imparted in all of us a love of animals and of the outdoors, and is the most knowledgeable person I know about wildlife, camping, and fishing. In general, he is incredibly intelligent and very wise, and he is always there with fatherly advice when you need it. Finally, it has been amazing to see my dad as a co-caretaker for little Jonah this past school year. It was, in fact, my dad's idea that he and my mom care for the baby when I went back to work, and I am so thankful for them being willing to take on that commitment. Jonah is so lucky to have such a wonderful grandpa, as I am to have him as a father.
Second, I have to give serious kudos to my wonderful husband, Eric, on his very first Father's Day. Nearly every time we go out with family or friends, I field tons of comments about what an amazing dad Eric is to Jonah, and it is one hundred percent true. From the day Jonah was born, Eric has been totally committed to making parenting his top priority, and he shares at least half of all of the baby care duties, which I am pleased about because, from others' reports, that isn't always the case with dads. Eric is a diaper-changing, baby-feeding, tot-bathing, little man-entertaining machine. He also goes out of his way to allow me time to myself to recharge, even if that sometimes means less time for him to pursue his personal interests. I am so grateful! More importantly, though, Eric means the world to Jonah. He obviously loves being a dad, and it's easy for Little Man to pick that up. Jonah lights up when his papa enters the room. My two boys have an incredible connection, and it is so fun to watch. 
So, to both my dad and to Eric, happy Father's Day (a day late). You are both much-loved, much-respected, and much appreciated!


My Favorite Things: Part Seven (Travel Edition)

These are a few of my favorite things (that I learned on our first big trip as a family of three):
1. Always maximize driving time during Jonah's regularly scheduled naps. On the way home, we got from Glenwood to Silverthorne on one nap by not making any stops while Jonah was asleep. It made for a much smoother last stretch of the trip.
2. Bring the Boppy along. So glad I didn't leave it at home.
3. Jonah needs to sleep in his own room, even when we are staying at hotels. At least, based upon our experiences this trip, he seems to do much better with a room of his own.
4. Given the right set-up and enough space, Jonah's "own room" can be the hotel bathroom. It is separate, dark, and has a built-in white noise machine (the fan). Luckily, our room in Telluride had a separate little room for the toilet, so I didn't feel like a totally creepy mom for setting his Pack n' Play up in there.
5. You can travel with cloth diapers. Eric and I were very anxious about the prospect of using disposables (our cloth diapers are much more reliable, in our experience), so we decided to try to make a go of it. We schlepped all of our CDing gear along on the trip and, with the help of kind friends and in-hotel laundry facilities, it all worked out.
6. It makes a big difference to try to keep as many pieces of Jonah's schedule and routine in place as possible, even on crazy travel days. He seemed much more in his element on the days when his naps and meals were as they are at home.
7. Squeeze-y pouches of baby food are awesome for traveling. We just tried them for the first time on this trip, and are thankful we did.
8. Bow ties on babies are adorable. Even when he was having a tough time during Em and Jordan's ceremony, people couldn't help but smile at Jonah in all of his bow-tied glory.
9. Cell phones with unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes can work as baby monitors (with some caveats).
10. You can take a leave of absence from your job, but not from parenting. Traveling with the J Man was definitely fun and definitely worth it, but it was exhausting!


Taking the Show on the Road, Camera Edition: Part Three

 Although Em and Jordan's wedding was, of course, the main event during our trip to Telluride, we had some good times getting out and about as a family of three as well. As strange as it seems with me having grown up on the Western Slope, I had never been to Telluride before this trip, and I was blown away by what a beautiful place it is. Jonah, Eric, and I spent a couple of days between wedding events just hanging around town, taking some walks, riding the gondola, and seeing some sights. Here are some shots from our time in T-Ride.
 That last one is my favorite!


Taking the Show On the Road, Camera Edition, Part Two

No matter where we stopped on our trip, we made sure that there were plenty of playtime opportunities for Jonah. Pre-wedding, we had a fun stop in Dolores, Colorado, where Jonah got to experience what might be the coolest playground fort on the planet--even better than the one at Tavelli Elementary in Fort Collins, which is saying a lot. Needless to say, Jonah very much appreciated a chance to get out of the car to check some things out.
He also got a little playtime in at Emily and Jordan's rehearsal dinner. Jordan's family hosted the dinner at their cabin near Trout Lake. It was a beautiful setting, and it was so fun to get to see family and friends kicking back and enjoying themselves. Jonah was, as babies tend to be, a big hit.
Of course, his favorite activity at the rehearsal dinner was going for a walk. I mean, what's better than an after dinner walk?
Tune in tomorrow for the last installment of vacation photos (excluding Em's wedding photos, which I fully intend to post on here when they come in). I know you're all waiting with bated breath...


Taking the Show on the Road, Camera Edition: Part One

As I mentioned in my previous post, one of our destinations during our vacation was the home of Lorelyn and Travis. Lorelyn went to law school with Eric, and she and Travis both currently work for the Southern Utes. They have some property outside of Durango that they have dubbed Tomboy Farm, and it was awesome! They have kitties and chickens and, perhaps most excitingly, baby chicks. They also have a couple of railroad cars (in addition to his job with the tribe, Travis is an engineer for the Durango to Silverton line and got a deal on the train cars), a root cellar, a charming house, a Jonah-sized marionette made in Lorelyn's image, a head massager (a big hit with the J Man)--the list of wonders goes on and on. Plus, they were excellent cooks and amazing hosts, which is saying a lot considering they had to put up with us being ill half (okay most) of the time we were there. Needless to say, we are super thankful for their hospitality. Here are a few shots from the farm.

More photos and stories from the road coming your way Wednesday!