You have just crossed over into...The Project Zone

So, I love a project. And by love, I mean LOVE love, and I have a slew of house-related projects in mind for this coming summer. Now, my project dreams may all come crashing down when I find out that nap times are short and Jonah is wild (okay, I already know these things), but that is not going to keep me from making elaborate plans for my summer vacation. First on the list (and the biggest project, by far) is our upstairs bathroom, which currently looks like this.
Since we moved in, we have made some definite improvements. Mainly, we transformed it from a totally gray room (we are talking gray walls, gray trim, gray vanity, gray counters, gray tile, gray window molding, gray vinyl--you get the picture) into a blue and white room with gray accents. Which is fine. This room still has a few too many eighties accents for my liking, however, and things are just starting to look semi-icky, so I am hoping for an overhaul. A DIY overhaul, mind you, not an $18,000 HGTV-type overhaul. Here are the tasks I have in mind:

1. Replacing the ginormous frameless mirror with two separate mirrors centered over the sinks.
2. DIYing a new vanity by retrofitting a mid-century modern credenza with a counter top (I am hoping for something stone/glass-ish, but we will see), vessel sinks (I am thinking these), and new knobs.
3. Retiling the floor and shower surround (Dad, this is where you come in--don't you plan on vacationing all summer long!).
4. Replacing our icky, germy jetted tub with a deep, unjetted one.
5. Swapping out the rickety eighties-tastic glass shelves with art--or more attractive shelves. I haven't decided yet.
6. Trading out the Hollywood light fixtures for something more modern (I love these, but I wonder if they might be too industrial for the mid-century vanity).
7. Installing a hand towel hook, so that our guests don't have to wrestle with whether or not it is proper to wipe their hands on our bath towels. Quite the dilemma.

So, the point is that this is a big project, but I think it can be done, and I am hoping it can all be done affordably. Stay tuned, folks.


Stevie Leigh said...

Oh gosh. Your bathroom looks HUGE compared to ours. Best of luck with your project!

Mel and Eric said...

Thanks! It does have some space, which is nice. Just hoping I can do something semi-attractive with it...