Turtle Power

So, following our post last week about our new-to-us Chariot bike trailer, my sister pointed out our family-wide lack of helmets. Being the fixer (and safety cadet crazy lady) that I am, I decided to remedy that issue. We had yet to pick up a helmet for the Jonah Man. There is some debate as to whether or not there is benefit to kids wearing helmets inside of trailers, but Eric and I figured that, at the very least, it would be a good thing for him to learn that a helmet is just part of the deal. Thus, J and I went and tried some on a a local shop last week, and we picked him up a Giro Me 2--it is too cute. Eric and I both already have helmets, so all we needed to do was overcome bad habits and actually wear them. This past Saturday, we all got our turtle on and protected those cabezas for a family ride. Jonah's helmet only lasted a while before he started protesting, but we'll take it one step at a time. It's a good habit for us to get into as a family, so thanks, Emily, for the encouragement.

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