Lyons and Fountains and Brewskies, Oh My!

This past weekend, Jonah and I headed out to Lyons to meet Eric after a mountain bike ride. Jonah and I had a good time hanging out in the park and checking out the fountain while we waited for Daddy, and then we all headed over to Oskar Blues for some lunch. The food wasn't much to write home about, but the atmosphere was nice and Jonah had the time of his life chewing on and flapping around his kids menu, so it was all good. He also got a serious kick out of flirting with the other diners--he is becoming quite the social butterfly! Overall, it was just nice to spend a quiet afternoon with the family. I appreciate my two guys so much.

*P.S. It is kind of bothering me that I keep changing settings on Instagram. I like consistency! However, I haven't yet figured out what setting I like, so that I can stick with it. I am guessing nobody else even noticed this, but anyway...

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