My Favorite Things: Part Five

These are a few of my favorite things:
1. Corgis. Even though I wouldn't consider myself a dog person, these little guys make me super happy.
2. Feeling Eric's face when he has just shaved. So smooth.
3. Jonah's new little hippo teeth up top. Two new ones in one week!
4. The Colbert Report. Silly and clever in one nifty package--nothing better than that.
5. My mom's willingness to keep calm and carry on, even when everyone around her is freaking out.
6. Stripes. I am on a big stripes kick.
7. A freshly-mowed lawn. Aaaah...
8. Massages. I say this, but I have a massage coupon from Christmas sitting unused. Time to get on that!
9. Singing in my car. I sound like a rock star when I sing in my car.
10. The end of the work week. The last couple of weeks have craaaawled by, and I have been so very thankful for the weekend. I am going to enjoy this one.

Hope you all enjoy yours as well!

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