A Sad Goodbye

Okay, so that post title might be a little dramatic. However, we are going to be bidding farewell to some old friends at the end of this week. Remember this couch:
And this glassed-topped coffee table (often referred to as "the cat aquarium"):
And this chair?
They've been through five years and two moves with us, but we are moving on to new and *hopefully* less cat-friendly furniture--Tilly and Luna have decided that these ones make excellent scratching posts--at the end of the week. Will post photos of the new furniture as soon as it arrives. Hopefully, our current furniture can find a loving new family to take it home...

*P.S. More Easter pics coming tomorrow. Thought I would spread the Jonah pictures throughout the week, though, to keep things interesting. For now, you'll have to setting for furniture.

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