My Favorite Things: Part 4

These are a few of my favorite things:
1. Flight of the Conchords. So silly and so wonderful.
2. Home design books. I could read them all day long.
3. Cook books. I am even more addicted to these than to design books.
4. Hooded sweatshirts. Do I even need to explain this?
5. Seeing the look of triumph on Jonah's face when he learns something new. The latest is pulling himself up. He is very pleased.
6. Watching my cats sleep. That level of total relaxation can only be achieved by cats.
7. The rare occasions when, at work, kids admit that I may have actually helped them...just a little bit.
8. Projects. Projects!
9. A really tough hike with a really great pay-off (e.g., view, waterfall) at the end.
10. Three day weekends. What I would give for a four day work week every week.

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