My Favorite Things: Part 2

These are a few of my favorite things:
1. Jonah's soft, squishy, sweet baby feet.
2. The feeling of wet sand under my feet. It has been way too long since we last visited the beach!
3. Taking a long, hot, relaxing shower. I really missed those during the first few weeks post-Jonah.
4. Laughing with my sister. I just love her.
5. Happening upon a restaurant with truly delicious Mexican food. I am picky about this, to be sure.
6. Those days when I wake up motivated, alert, and ready to really get some things done.
7. Having a really clean house. This doesn't happen often but, when it does, I am excited!
8. Wearing thick, comfy socks. Aaaah...
9. Having my iPod skip to just the right song at just the right moment. Even better, when there is a streak of just-right songs.
10. Road trips with the hubs. He and I can drive (and drive, and drive!) and it is always fun. He is the ultimate road trip buddy.

Hope you all have a really happy day.

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