My Favorite Things: Part 1

Since coming back to work from spring break, I have been feeling a little down and unmotivated. I enjoy my job, but I really loved being home with my little Jonah. The week off went way too fast. In response to my post-break malaise, I thought I would take inspiration from the Happy Lists over at The Rockstar Diaries and take stock of some of the things that I am thankful for. I often ask my students at school to create written lists of things that make them happy, in order to have a tangible reminder when things get rough, so it's fitting for me to do the same. Here goes.

These are a few of my favorite things:
1. Nostalgia. Nobody loves looking back at old pictures more than me. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
2. The first day after winter when it really feels like spring. The moment when you come to the realization that spring has arrived is always so clear and so special.
3. The satisfaction of completing a project, especially one around my house, and getting to step back and enjoy the finished product.
4. Jonah snuggling up to me in our big brown chair before heading to bed. So sweet.
5. Two words: brownie sundaes.
6. Eric in a happy, silly mood. He makes me laugh the hardest when he really lets go.
7. The first morning waking up in a new city on a vacation. So many opportunities to pursue, and so many new things to explore!
8. Clean sheets. Not many things feel better than clean sheets.
9. Songs that are so beautiful and poignant that they bring tears to my eyes. There are a few that get me every time.
10. Cuddling my kitties. Even though they can be hard to cuddle (Tilly because she doesn't always want it, Luna because she wants it too much), I still love it.

Have a great Thursday, everyone.

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