Messes, Missing Teeth, and Mega Naps

Last Friday, Eric had an appointment to get his wisdom teeth taken out. After a morning of visiting friends and running errands, Jonah and I ran home to have a quick lunch before taking Papa P in for his appointment. While I was cleaning up lunch, Jonah go a hold of the box of baby oatmeal, and a mess ensued. Could have been worse, and Jonah was pretty proud of himself, so I had to laugh along with him.

With regard to the main event (Eric's oral surgery), all went well. The doctor remarked on how easy the extractions were and predicted a quick recovery. For the rest of the afternoon and evening that day, though, Eric was pretty doped up and sore. A nap on the couch was about all he was up for during the latter half of Saturday. Other members of the P household engaged in sympathy naps.

Even with all of the sleeping, I was able to capture a cute moment between the Jonah-man and Papa P. Those guys are too sweet together.
Here's hoping, Eric, that your mouth is feeling better this week. Jonah and I love you!

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