Indecision: Furniture Edition

So, does everyone remember our sad, empty sunroom? Just as a reminder, here is a photo from a few months back.
Now, imagine this same sunroom filled with derelict furniture from all over the house, and you will get an idea of how it looks now. As I have mentioned in the past, the sunroom is one of the reasons we were excited to buy our house way back when. It has great light and an awesome view of the back yard. However, we have never quite figured out what we want to do with it. We did greatly improve the room's appearance by adding wooden deck tiles last summer, but the progress stopped there. So, long story short, we are on the hunt for sunroom furniture, which would actually make the room comfy and useable.

The major hurdle is that I am paralyzed with indecision. In addition, I am trying to keep this affordable--it is a semi-outdoor room, after all. Here are a couple of front-runners for the sofa:

Option #1:
The Kivik loveseat with chaise from IKEA in dark gray. I am not sure yet how I feel about IKEA sofas so, if any of you have experience, please put in your two cents. Would it hold up? Look nice? Weather crazy cats and babies? Not end up all wrinkly and saggy? I am kind of into furniture that will be there for the long haul.

Option #2:
IKEA's Karlstad loveseat with chaise in dark gray. Lots of people on lots of blogs have this style of couch, and it seems like they are pleased.
Option #3:
The Diva sofa from J.C. Penney. This is an option if we want to go in more of a traditional sofa direction, rather than for something with a chaise lounge. The benefit of this guy is that, for about the same price of the IKEA pieces, we would get something with a hard wood (rather than particle board) frame.

Option #4:

Something else?

My brain feels completed boggled. However, I really want us to finally be able to use our sunroom this summer, after three years of never spending time in there. Feel free to send your comments and suggestions my way. I need any help I can get!

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