The weather around here has been beautiful lately, and we are in love with it. Eric and I have had the chance to get Jonah out and about much more often with the sunny days, and I am so thankful that we are getting to opportunity to show Jonah his neighborhood as it comes back alive after the winter.
Jonah is especially enjoying the spring in conjunction with his new favorite trick--sticking out his tongue.
Spring in Longmont also means Papa P's birthday--32! Jonah and I put together (okay, picked up) a special Thai dinner. Jonah had prunes, though, which he seemed to like just fine.
We got Eric a birthday cake from a new local bakery, La MoMo Maes, owned by a girl from our birthing class. We also picked him up an awesome book full of pictures of skateboard decks.
However, Jonah's favorite parts of the celebration were the candles and the wrapping paper. Of course.
Happy spring!

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