Back On Line ...

We had a mysterious computer crash that prevented us from blogging these past few weeks. Luckily, this crash didn't involve a Dodge Ram rear ending us and totaling our car, the way we lost our last computer. This one was less exciting, as our hard disk just quit. Luckily, we had a backup of the handful of Jonah pictures we've taken ... like these ones:

We also captured some photos of Jonah's new favorite toy. Jonah's discovered the joys of the beautiful game or, at least, he's amazed by the soccer ball Uncle Patrick bought him several months ago. However, Jonah has not grasped the hand ball rule quite yet. We may need to work on that. Then again, we may just have the next great goalkeeper in our midst. Look out Gianluigi Buffon. Of course, Jonah's steely concentration can still be thrown by a kitten wandering onto the pitch.
Another new development is that we've recently dusted off our new-to-us baby backpack for the coming warm weather. Jonah is a fan.
In addition to being a computer-less month of new activities, it's been a month with plenty of family, in this case, Grandpa P at his birthday celebration with the little man.
It never hurts to get a few pointers from a man who knows what he's doing. Uncle Nate is never far way when it comes to kids, either. Currently, Nate's laying the ground work for the rumpus to be had in the coming years.
Jonah's also discovered how fun (and delicious) wooden blocks can be.
However, the main event, as always, has just been hanging out and watching our little man learn about the world.
See you soon.

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