Time to Bring in the Pros

When Jonah turned six months old, we called up the wonderful photographer who shot our wedding, Lynette Seelmeyer (http://www.thepicturechick.com) for some formal portraits. Jonah was sleepy during the session, but I think she still did a fantastic job of capturing our beautiful little boy.


A shelf for everything, and everything on its shelf

So, this blog post is not a Jonah post. I know, I know; he is what everybody comes here for. However, I thought it might be good to show off what well-rounded individuals Eric and I are by sometimes highlighting our non-Jonah-related interests. One of the things I like to do that I haven't had a lot of time for in the past seven months is fixing up our house. Now that things are slowing down with the Jonah man and he can go longer than a couple of hours between feedings (and is napping!), I am able to pick back up with some projects.

First on the list was an overhaul of the built-in book shelves in our den downstairs. I wish I had a before picture of them packed with all of our disorganized book mayhem but, alas, I didn't remember to take a picture until I had unloaded everything. Regardless, for the last month or so, our den has looked like this.
After emptying the shelves and removing them from the bookcases, my kind husband took the time to sand the lacquer off of the backing wood, leaving me with this. Notice wonderful Eric helping with the taping.
The next step was a coat of zero VOC primer--I am trying to go eco-friendly with the home improvement projects, especially since Jonah's around--and paint seems to be the easiest change-up. Here's a picture of the shelves all primed and ready to paint.

Finally, I got to apply the color (Bleached Denim Behr Ultra--my favorite paint, by far) to the backs of the book cases and reload the shelves with our library. I did my best to put things back in a more orderly and attractive way but, let's face it, Eric and my shelves are never going to look like those on design shows. We just have way too many books. I did my best, though. I am pretty pleased with the result.

A mini-project for sometime in the future is to cover my lovely magazine holders (which I was graciously gifted by the counseling office at work) with craft paper or paint. As much as I enjoy that my collection of Real Simple is labeled "Armed Forces," and so on, that's not exactly the look I'm going for. That is a project for another day, though. Maybe next nap time. We'll see.


Baby in a Box

Jonah has a little green storage ottoman in his bedroom, in which we store his blocks. The other night, he was curious about what was going on inside of there, so we let him check it out. Let's just say that he may have had more fun sitting in the box for the blocks than actually playing with the blocks. C'est la vie.


The Best

I am convinced that the best thing on Earth is a laughing baby. Specifically, our laughing baby.


Birthday Shenanigans: Part II

This past weekend, the three of us took a trip down to Denver for a late birthday celebration for Eric at Nate and Lena's place. We had some Uber Sausage (delicious!) and some yum-a-licious chocolate orange cookies, Eric opened some right-up-his-alley gifts, and Jonah enjoyed both the attention from his P family relatives and the chance to break in Nate and Lena's new and oh-so-grown-up Ikea couches. It was a really nice day.


More Guac, Please...

So, never in a million years did I think I would be the kind of mom who would post pictures of her baby with food all over his face. In fact, in the past, when I saw that kind of photo of other people's kids, it kind of grossed me out. However, I find Jonah's every action adorable, so I have become that mom. These pictures document Jonah's first experience with avocado (mixed with sweet potatoes and lord knows what else). He loved it as much as his mama, I think.



Jonah's first time up on the shoulders. Love him.


Everyone Knows It's Windy

This past Sunday, it was almost seventy degrees, so we thought it would be a good time to break out the baby backpack and take a family walk in Hygiene (about five minutes from our house). Unfortunately, despite the warm weather, it ended up being windy. Jonah DOES NOT like wind, so it was a bit of a bust, but it is kind of humorous to see how Jonah's facial expressions turned out in these photos.

Sorry, Little Man, for our poor judgement.



The weather around here has been beautiful lately, and we are in love with it. Eric and I have had the chance to get Jonah out and about much more often with the sunny days, and I am so thankful that we are getting to opportunity to show Jonah his neighborhood as it comes back alive after the winter.
Jonah is especially enjoying the spring in conjunction with his new favorite trick--sticking out his tongue.
Spring in Longmont also means Papa P's birthday--32! Jonah and I put together (okay, picked up) a special Thai dinner. Jonah had prunes, though, which he seemed to like just fine.
We got Eric a birthday cake from a new local bakery, La MoMo Maes, owned by a girl from our birthing class. We also picked him up an awesome book full of pictures of skateboard decks.
However, Jonah's favorite parts of the celebration were the candles and the wrapping paper. Of course.
Happy spring!