A Little Off the Top and a Little in the Belly

It's been a week (or so) of firsts for the little man. Jonah scaled to new heights as he used the high chair for the first time. He loves the bird's eye view of all the action.
We met up with the dynamic crime fighting duo of Anya and Alex and their son Rio who came down from Breckenridge. Future partners in crime Jonah and Rio worked in their secret handshake and plans for world domination.
With Jonah being almost five months old, it was time to break out the rice cereal. I was concerned that the alleged rice cereal was actually paper mache paste, but Melanie assured me that it wasn't and this is what we're supposed to do. Maybe it's because he's only had milk up to this point, but Jonah loved it. He also loved trying to eat his hand and the bib, but we feel pretty certain that some of the rice cereal made it into his belly.
After the first day or two of cereal, Jonah was an old pro and loving it. It's on to carrots next week.
Much to Melanie's distress, Jonah has been losing his dark baby hair. But thankfully, underneath the baby hair, a solid base of blonde hair has sprouted. Still, the continuously growing whisps of baby hair have made for a, shall we say, rascally comb-overy type look, which is a bit, um, older, than what most five-month-olds want. So, we called up Jonah super fan and hairdresser extraordinaire Hollybel for a haircut for Jonah.


And That's a Wrap - 2011.

It was a whirlwind of an end to 2011. As always, Jonah started off strong and smiley.
He pulled out all the stops for the end of the year (and then he tried to put them in his mouth).
Jonah infected everyone with the holiday spirit, which isn't bad work from a fourth-month-old.
Though some people are easier than others to fill with the holiday spirit.
Nevertheless, Jonah brought some holiday cheer to a certain grouch. The holidays wore on like, well, drool accumulating on a baby's chin.
But the holidays eventually take their toll, as you can only have so much fun.
It's all enough to wear a little man out.