Happy Pre-Christmas

For everyone we won't see over Christmas, which will probably be lots of you (sorry) ... Happy Christmas.
Jonah's emerged as a real smiler this past week. Never more so than when we're changing him. (Anya, we thought this blog needed more quasi-naked babies.)
Jonah's bad case of cradle cap has resulted in more hair washing, and even some more smiles and zerbert opportunities.
Jonah also made the big move out of our room and into his own room, just a few feet away. He probably made the transition better than we did. It being Christmas time, there are lots of family get-togethers and lots of new faces for Jonah to meet. The P siblings got the first crack at the little man. (Definite props to Uncle Patrick and Auntie Amber for finding Jonah a great new cap.)
Then it was the Melanie's family's turn at the annual Christmas brunch.
Jonah knows what Christmas is really about ... shiny wrappings.
When it comes to eating with the little man, there's never a dull moment. This is especially true as now, Jonah wants to eat anything he can get his mitts on.
Jonah's development as a future bookworm continues, with a lot of help from Auntie Em.


Jonah the Bookworm Has Street Cred

What's that Jonah?
Blog time? Alright. Let's do this.
Melanie mentioned in a previous post that we read to Jonah every day. Although I have read Jonah portions of The Economist and some continuing legal education materials (he was unimpressed), we normally read him kids books we still have from when we were little and ones we borrow from the library. (The Sandra Boynton books are the best.) He also has several cloth books, as you can see. Jonah loves nothing more than devouring a good book, which he takes a bit too literally at times.
It's been two weeks since Thanksgiving, which for the P family, generally means one thing ... another Thanksgiving. We didn't get many pictures, unfortunately. However, Jonah did get acquainted with Uncle Nate, whose magic with children knows no bounds.
It being two weeks since Thanksgiving also means it's close to Christmas, so we put up our tree, with Jonah's help.
Jonah has graduated from hating baths with the fire of 1,000 suns, to being pretty indifferent to baths and generally enjoying the post-bath snuggle fest. Thank god.
We also took Jonah to an art show at the Longmont Museum, Street Cred: Graffiti Art from Concrete to Canvas. http://www.ci.longmont.co.us/museum/exhibits/street-cred.htm It is awesome. We told ourselves that Jonah would like the bright colors and contrast, which seemed to be true. But let's face it, this probably falls into the category of things parents like and make their kids do. (Look out Jonah, there'll likely be more mandatory cultural experiences your parents will find interesting coming your way. You can thank us when you're in college.) Of course, we're playing with fire here. When Jonah starts drawing on the walls, we'll only have ourselves to blame.
Until next time ...