A new chapter about to begin ...

It's been a full few weeks since the last post. Melanie has been enjoying her time at home with Jonah, who is becoming more expressive, vocal, and active every day. Jonah is still making the rounds meeting people, including big kids (i.e. Sam, I'm talking about you, buddy) who'll no doubt help Jonah create mischief in the future (I'm still looking a you, Sam). Jonah has also been packing on the baby weight and has started to outgrow some of his clothes.
It has been a touch stressful as Melanie returns to work tomorrow. We are extremely lucky to be able to leave Jonah in the very capable and loving hands of Nana and Grandpa M, who now live just down the road. Jonah has recently found his hands, which he has tried to suck on. Oh, the irony as Jonah has simply not gotten on board with bottle feeding. We've each hypothesized about each other being the genetic cause of Jonah's stubbornness, but we're making strides and Jonah will come around (we hope) soon enough. Until then, Melanie will be working half days. Seeing how one of the main purposes of this blog is so Melanie and I can look at pictures of Jonah while we're away from him, let's get on to the little man.

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