A Week of New Discoveries

Hi, everyone, from Melanie. In honor of this completely lovely fall weekend, I thought I would pop on here and give an update. It has been a week of simple pleasures for all of us, especially Jonah, whose every experience is a new and exciting one. First, the pleasure of a good book. Eric and I have been reading to Jonah since we brought him home from the hospital, but he is just now showing consistent interest. So fun.
Next, Jonah has begun to regularly partake in the joy of hoodie-wearing. This is important, as the P family is a tried and true crew of hoodie aficionados. One of our unofficial mottos is "THTA"--Team Hoodie, Together Again. Welcome to the team, Jonah.
Also, Jonah is discovering new and ever-cuter facial expressions daily. It's hard for us to keep up with all of that cuteness going on, but we do our best.
Another pleasure for Jonah that has taken center stage revolves around the joy of being able to put his hands in his mouth, for better or for worse. At this point, it's really exciting seeing him try to stuff his entire fist into his teeny mouth and, even better, seeing his uncoordinated attempts at thumb-sucking. Like I said, we may regret cheering this new skill on down the line but, for now, we're letting J enjoy it.
Finally, Jonah has been enjoying getting ready for his first ever Halloween with his inaugural pumpkin-carving session. Don't worry, Jonah is just consulting at this point, rather than wielding any sharp objects. He seemed to enjoy the festivities nonetheless.
And, with that, time to get started preparing for another week of new discoveries. Happy Halloween, everyone!



As we hinted yesterday, Melanie and I loaded Jonah into the wagon and headed for the pumpkin patch.


Bottle Battle Blog

As we mentioned last time, we're learning that Jonah likes what he likes, and what he doesn't like, well, you've got yourself a problem. It's hard to imagine such a cute little guy can be so stubborn ... it certainly can't be a P family trait.
Into the latter "Jonah no like" category falls eating from a bottle (and baths, but that's for another day). It was a stressful return to work for Melanie because, among other reasons, Jonah had staked out a firm "no bottle" position, and he was not budging. Melanie was returning home after a half day to a frantic and, apparently, starving Jonah. We wondered how we'd ever manage ... would Jonah stop growing because he wasn't getting proper nutrition, would Melanie have to get a new job, would Jonah breastfeed until age 12 ... the worries went on and on, as they tend to do for new parents.
Luckily, Nana M (with a little help from Grandpa M) came to the rescue and won Jonah over after a hard fought three days in the trenches. Jonah will now take a bottle, if necessary, though he still feels compelled to remind you that this is his compromise position, and not his first choice. Still, Nana's powers of persuasion know no bounds as she has even gotten Jonah to take a morning nap, which makes him all the more playful and huggable later.
It's also been an amazing time as Jonah's personality comes through more and more each day, and it's not all stubbornness (thankfully).
For now, we're off to bed and tomorrow, maybe a pumpkin patch is in the forecast.


A new chapter about to begin ...

It's been a full few weeks since the last post. Melanie has been enjoying her time at home with Jonah, who is becoming more expressive, vocal, and active every day. Jonah is still making the rounds meeting people, including big kids (i.e. Sam, I'm talking about you, buddy) who'll no doubt help Jonah create mischief in the future (I'm still looking a you, Sam). Jonah has also been packing on the baby weight and has started to outgrow some of his clothes.
It has been a touch stressful as Melanie returns to work tomorrow. We are extremely lucky to be able to leave Jonah in the very capable and loving hands of Nana and Grandpa M, who now live just down the road. Jonah has recently found his hands, which he has tried to suck on. Oh, the irony as Jonah has simply not gotten on board with bottle feeding. We've each hypothesized about each other being the genetic cause of Jonah's stubbornness, but we're making strides and Jonah will come around (we hope) soon enough. Until then, Melanie will be working half days. Seeing how one of the main purposes of this blog is so Melanie and I can look at pictures of Jonah while we're away from him, let's get on to the little man.