A Month Worth Smiling About

It's Sunday evening and Melanie is upstairs feeding Jonah for the last time before bed, which really means Jonah will be done in about 45 minutes or so. So, this will have to be a short post.
Jonah was born just over a month ago. We must finally be doing something right because here and there, Jonah smiles back at us. It's a feeling perhaps only matched by the first time we felt him kick in Melanie's belly. The smiles are fleeting so far, but are a window into the growing world of our growing little boy. See if you can notice the difference.
Jonah's world, at the moment, involves lots of eating and being passed around like a football to our visitors. (Please don't misinterpret these pictures, which are weeks worth of visitors. There still plenty of people we want to meet Jonah and we've trying to fit everyone in between feedings and our 15 minute almost naps.)
Jonah's also been more and more active and aware each day, hitting up the floor gym and taming the local wildlife. He's also discovered that there is a handsome little boy who also frequents his floor gym.
It's all enough to make even the toughest of babies sleepy, which is how I feel now too, so it's off to bed.

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