A big day and an even bigger smile

This weekend we turned the page on our car accident with a new car. Or at least, the car is new to us. Well, it's a fresh start. For example, our new car is black whereas our old car was blue. Ok, that's the only difference. We bought a slightly lower mileage version of the exact same car. Jonah pointed out that he is already familiar with the car and offered to drive.
All that car shopping was enough to wear out the little man.
After a power nap in his crib (and between his many, many feedings), it's play time with Melanie and his new toys.
After all that play time, Jonah needs to clean up with the royal P family spa treatment.
Jonah knows you have to look and smell good to make new friends.
It's all an emotional roller coaster for Jonah, who's learning to take it all in stride (even though he can't walk) and to find the good, and joy in life (not that we're projecting).It's enough to smile about. Until next time ...

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