A big day and an even bigger smile

This weekend we turned the page on our car accident with a new car. Or at least, the car is new to us. Well, it's a fresh start. For example, our new car is black whereas our old car was blue. Ok, that's the only difference. We bought a slightly lower mileage version of the exact same car. Jonah pointed out that he is already familiar with the car and offered to drive.
All that car shopping was enough to wear out the little man.
After a power nap in his crib (and between his many, many feedings), it's play time with Melanie and his new toys.
After all that play time, Jonah needs to clean up with the royal P family spa treatment.
Jonah knows you have to look and smell good to make new friends.
It's all an emotional roller coaster for Jonah, who's learning to take it all in stride (even though he can't walk) and to find the good, and joy in life (not that we're projecting).It's enough to smile about. Until next time ...


Where's Melanie?

Hi, everyone. Believe it or not, it's Melanie. Woo! Thought I would pop on here and do a quick post, as it has come to my attention that, based on the pictures on the blog, it looks like Eric is a single parent. Ha. Not to worry, my sweets. I am alive, well, and doing my share of the parenting. Don't get me wrong, Eric is a fantastic dad. FANTASTIC--I am so lucky. However, I do get in on the action at least fifty percent of the time, despite the photos not reflecting that. The lack of Melanie pictures is due to a few factors:

1. Most of the day, Jonah and I are on our own here at the house, and I've yet to master the art of taking one-handed photos with a baby supported by the other hand. The result? Lots of cute pics of Jonah, but not so many cute pics of Jonah and mommy.

2. When Eric is home, I am often the person to grab the camera to chronicle the cute moments. Thus, I'm not appearing in them.

3. A lot of my time with Jonah is spent breastfeeding. He is a hungry, hungry boy, and eats a lot of the day away. Truthfully, he is pretty adorable when he's eating. However, I have a strict no breastfeeding photo policy--this is a family blog!--so a lot of photo ops are off the table.

As for my lack of blog authoring, attribute that to a lack of free hands these first few weeks. Rest assured, though, things are going well. Jonah is wonderful, and it has been so fun seeing him grow and change every day. It has only been five and a half weeks, and it already seems like he is a different little boy than the one we brought home from the hospital. He is chunking up, smiling a bit (yay!), making cute little noises, and becoming more and more active and alert by the minute. It's a blast.

Plus, Eric and I seem to be getting the hang of this parenting thing--hallelujah! It's been the sharpest learning curve I've ever experienced, but so enjoyable. I am already dreading leaving him to go back to work in three weeks. Of course, Jonah will be alright in the capable hands of Nana and Grandpa M, but I am going to miss him terribly. Perhaps absence will make the heart grow fonder? In the meantime, I'm going to put this blog post to bed, and spend some quality time with my little man. Hope to see you all for a visit soon!


A Month Worth Smiling About

It's Sunday evening and Melanie is upstairs feeding Jonah for the last time before bed, which really means Jonah will be done in about 45 minutes or so. So, this will have to be a short post.
Jonah was born just over a month ago. We must finally be doing something right because here and there, Jonah smiles back at us. It's a feeling perhaps only matched by the first time we felt him kick in Melanie's belly. The smiles are fleeting so far, but are a window into the growing world of our growing little boy. See if you can notice the difference.
Jonah's world, at the moment, involves lots of eating and being passed around like a football to our visitors. (Please don't misinterpret these pictures, which are weeks worth of visitors. There still plenty of people we want to meet Jonah and we've trying to fit everyone in between feedings and our 15 minute almost naps.)
Jonah's also been more and more active and aware each day, hitting up the floor gym and taming the local wildlife. He's also discovered that there is a handsome little boy who also frequents his floor gym.
It's all enough to make even the toughest of babies sleepy, which is how I feel now too, so it's off to bed.


A trip, an escape from the jaws of death, and more cuteness

I was going to name this entry “better late than never,” but I want to save that title for when I have really been slacking on the blog. To make up for it, we have pictures, lots and lots of pictures, especially for those of you who have not been subject to Jonah’s never ending barrage of cuteness.
Jonah’s had a busy few weeks including his first road trip and, as the title suggests, a terrifying escape from danger, but we’ll get to that. Despite his busy schedule of eating and sleeping, Jonah’s been fitting in some serious time being held by loved ones. Jonah’s also been bathing and giving an initial run at nursing from a bottle. Despite my poor technique, Jonah did great, which will help the transition once Melanie eventually goes back to work and pumps. Jonah’s even hitting up the balance ball to strengthen hit back. (Don’t worry Uncle Dan, we’ll balance it out by working his chest and triceps over the next few weeks.)
Jonah took his first big road trip when we rolled up to Nana and Grandpa M’s house in Encampment, Wyoming for the Labor Day weekend. Jonah’s a great traveler, provided you stop every few hours to wake him up from his travel coma for some milk.
The trip went well until we were 15 miles or so from home driving through Loveland. We were traveling on a two lane road where the speed limit is about 40 mph. A car two cars ahead of us slowed and stopped to turn left onto a small side road. We stopped. Melanie shouted “Oh my god he’s going to hit us.” I didn’t know what she was talking about at the time and I looked up to the rear view mirror and saw the grill of a pickup truck. “Oh,” I thought. A split second later a Dodge Ram pulling a large fifth wheel trailer drilled us at a pretty good clip. Our car was also pushed into the car in front of us. Melanie and I lept out of the car for Jonah, who (as we would later learn), was safe and sound in his car seat—though he was rudely woken up. Long story short, Jonah is perfectly fine, Melanie is fine, and I am fine. However, though we’re waiting on the word from several insurance companies, it looks like our noble Subaru is not going to make it.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned the truth in clichés. So, as clichéd as it may be, events like these really make you think and take stock. Moments between Melanie and Jonah never seemed more important.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with some pictures of Jonah I just couldn’t decide between.