Two Weeks Old

Jonah is now a whopping two weeks, nine hours and two minutes old as we type this, but who's counting? Melanie and I mentioned this to Jonah, who seemed unimpressed with his accomplishment, as you can see below. (Maybe we're the one's who are impressed that we've made it this far.)

Jonah is also now gaining weigh at an astounding rate. While he was born at seven pounds six ounces (a birth weight which JR guessed exactly), he was down to six pounds thirteen ounces when we left the hospital. Generally, nurses and doctors greeted our every concern and worry by flatly saying that whatever we were worried about was normal. However, the nurses and doctors almost seemed a bit concerned about Jonah's weight loss, which made us really worry. But thanks to Jonah's onset of a ravenous appetite, he was up to six pounds fifteen ounces by the Tuesday after we took him home and was even up to seven pounds nine ounces a week later. That's ten ounces in a week and above the average rate. Now, I never foresaw myself being one of those parents who'd brag about their kids doing less than amazing things, and there is something a bit silly about bragging about a child gaining weight, but hey, it's funny how life works out like that. Still, when we told Jonah about his gains, he still seemed unimpressed.
With Jonah bulking up and becoming more active and aware each day, and with high temps near our house near 100 degrees, we thought it was high time to get moving and head up the South St. Vrain Canyon west of our house. The myths are true as Jonah loves car rides and zonks out as soon as the car gets moving. No trails were forged and no rivers (or creeks) forded, but it was a great initial outdoor adventure for the three of us. Jonah was clearly impressed (when he wasn't sleeping, that is).

I'll be off to work on Monday, which will leave less time for blogging. But we know the real reason you come to this blog, so until then, enjoy these pictures of our impressive little man.


Patrick said...

Excellent. He'll be portaging my gear in no time in the great wilds. Keep getting strong little man!

Barb said...

There's one picture in which he looks just like Eric - or at least Eric's baby pics!
And generally, I think it's okay to brag about anything at this stage! Keep up the good work!