One week later

It's been one week since Melanie and I first brought Jonah home from the hospital. With Melanie on maternity leave and me taking two weeks off work, we've been able to focus on the still strange and wonderful reality of us now being parents.

The down time between changes and errands has also allowed me to discover and play with the various settings on our digital camera, including these gems which are preset into our camera:
"Wow" is right. (Thanks Pentax Corp.)

The down time has given us time to consider the life of a baby. I can't say we have come to any great insights, though, at this point, it sort of seems like living in a spa inhabited by colorful objects of fancy and populated by giants staring at you, some of who are willing to bring you food and clean you if you make your demands clear.
Jonah has helped the transition by being a great little man, though, like his father, he seems to be constantly hungry and ready to eat. This will eventually bankrupt us when he gets into high school and eats more than breast milk. In the meantime, it's been a challenge for Melanie due to Eric's biological shortcomings in this area as a male. (Sorry, no pics, this is a family blog after all.) Still, there's just no denying a baby with milk on his mind.
We're planning for coming hikes and walks with our child carrier, which we tried out in the backyard. Jonah loved the fetal positioning and was out like a light as soon as he was in it. I did some light gardening with Jonah in the carrier for about 30 minutes, which gave me a whole new appreciation for Melanie's 41 weeks of pregnancy.
(Don't worry, I won't be teaching Jonah any dance moves.)
Jonah's also given us a glimpse of the future as he will wiggle out of a swaddle and push and stomp off any blankets we try to impose on him. For now, Jonah seems to have taken a cue from our cats who, despite some initial wariness, have taken it all in stride (with plenty of naps).
There's probably a lesson in there. Until we figure that out, it's nap time.

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