Introducing … Jonah!

Melanie, Eric and (finally) Jonah here to update everyone on the big news. Long story short, Jonah was born on August 12th at noon. Melanie is doing great and Jonah is happy, healthy and (very) hungry. We would have updated the blog sooner, but … you know. Anyway, here’s a longer version.

Last Thursday, it was just another day in the pre-Jonah era. With Jonah a full week and a day late, there was nothing better to do than to keep on waiting. So, Eric went off to work and Melanie went off to the doctor to discuss Jonah’s pending eviction notice. Eric worked a bit late so that when Jonah finally did come, his co-workers wouldn’t kill him trying to figure out what on earth he was doing. After dinner, Melanie and Eric watched the finale of So You Think You Can Dance and Eric called his Dad to report that no, nothing had happened yet. Those would be famous last words.
Less than half an hour later, at about 9:00 p.m., Melanie noticed her stomach was feeling upset rather periodically. After some long discussions about whether they were or were not contractions, we concluded that they just might be contractions. After timing them out and cross referencing our library of maternity books, pamphlets, handouts and brochures, we called the doctor. By 11:30 p.m., we jumped and waddled into the car which was pre-packed with our bags. We were off on our epic one-mile trek through Longmont’s empty streets to the hospital.
The nurses at the hospital hooked Melanie and Jonah up to a bevy of beeping machines and printers to confirm that this was in fact labor. We were checked in and labor progressed through the night and into the next morning.
Melanie had promised to call her sister, Emily, in Fort Collins as soon as she went to the hospital. She decided to not call before we left the house due to our lack of certainty if it was actually labor. At 4:40 a.m., Melanie called the soon-to-be Auntie Em between contractions and left a message, telling her to not worry and that there was no rush. Emily called back a few minutes later and leapt into the car. She arrived at the hospital about a half hour later and provided lots of love and encouragement to Melanie. She was also the first family member, other than Melanie and Eric, to meet Jonah.
Jonah finally made his appearance after fifteen hours of labor at noon on Friday. Once cleaned and warmed up by the nurses, he was in Melanie’s arms. Over the next two days, Jonah stayed in Melanie’s and Eric’s room at the hospital where the fantastic nurses of every shift were interrogated for any advice, tips, wisdom and knowhow they might have to offer. The nurses, as well as the wholly unbiased opinions of Aunt Lena, Uncle Nate, Auntie Em, Uncle Jordan, Great Grandpa Davis and Doris, and Grandpa John and Edie (and later Nana and Grandpa M) all confirmed that Jonah is the cutest and most wonderful baby boy ever (sorry all you other parents, but it’s true).

We took Jonah home Sunday afternoon. As we placed him in the car we thought, “I can’t believe they’re just letting us take this baby home,” but they did. Since then, we’ve been adjusting (and loving) our new life with Jonah. Now the real adventure begins.
P.S. There are more pictures on Facebook. Also, if we left anyone, or anything, out, we’re sorry and blame the sleep deprivation.

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