Shower Power

As I mentioned in my last *very short* post, my friend Amy, sister Emily, mom, and sister-in-law Lena threw Eric and me a great co-ed baby shower last month. It was big, busy, and fun--a very nice last hurrah before we settle in with Baby Jonah. Here are some pictures from the soiree:

My dad getting the barbeque started before all of the guests arrived.
Pages from the advice book guests contributed to during the shower--Lord knows we will be referring to this!
Amy and Sam, who worked as the present delivery man.
Special guests.
Just as special guests.
The gifts, the gifts! OMG, baby stuff is adorable.
The fantastic, wonderful baby quilt my mom put together to match Jonah's room.
You can't have a party without cupcakes, right? Thanks to Amy U for putting these babies together. They were delish!

All in all, a seriously enjoyable shower. Thanks to our wonderful hostesses for putting this together for us, and to our guests for making it special!

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emily said...

Great pictures!