It's the Final Countdown

You all know that you love Europe's "Final Countdown." Best. Song. Ever. And very apropos considering that Eric and I went to Jonah's 36 week check-up yesterday. They did an ultrasound and checked his heart, and all is looking good. Plus, Jonah is head-down, ready to make his big debut. Of course, he's not full-term for another week but, at this point, if I went into labor, we would just go with it. Personally, being the uber planner I am, I would appreciate a couple more weeks of prep time, but Eric and I are getting super excited to meet him!

Before the big day, though, I thought I'd take a minute to add a few more belly pics. It's been a while since I've shared any, and I have gotten BIG! Here you go:

Our oldest baby (Tilly) getting acquainted with our soon-to-be baby (Jonah) at 32 weeks.
Luna doing the same.
At 34 weeks.
And, finally, at 35 weeks.

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