Tick Tock, Tick Tock

For some reason, that subject line reminded me of "The Silence of the Lambs." Interesting, considering it's a baby post... ANYWAY, we have reached 39 and a half weeks, with four days until Baby J's due date. So far, no sign that he is thinking it is time to budge. Last night, I had a wicked stomach ache, and thought that maybe I would wake up in the night with a baby on the way, but no dice. I just wolfed down a delicious mac n' cheese breakfast (healthy for me and the baby!) and am feeling just fine. If we make it to next Thursday with no baby, the doc is going to do another ultrasound and a non-stress test, to make sure he's still doing okay in there. I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that Jonah will decide it's time to arrive soon-ish, so that we don't even have to get into the induction conversation, but I'm not feeling like I have a lot of control over that. I guess we'll see. Will keep you posted.


38 Weeks!

So, we have officially reached 38 weeks--only 12 more days until Jonah's due date! The doctor isn't predicting an early arrival, but you never know. He is full term, and could arrive any time. Eric and I have been busy making last minute arrangements, and getting ready for D-Day. Here are some pictures, as we pull into the home stretch.

The Melly Belly at 38 weeks. Large and in charge!

The view walking into Jonah's completed nursery.

The left wall of the nursery, with Jonah's crib and bookshelf.

The opposite wall, with our reading chair and Jonah's dresser/changing table.

The back wall of the nursery and Jonah's closet.

Our stash of cloth pocket diapers. Can't wait to strap these babies onto Jonah's cute little baby bum.

And, last, a shot of Jonah's car seat, cooling its heels until the day when J finally gets to come home. Hopefully, we won't forget to actually put it into the car for the big day!


It's the Final Countdown

You all know that you love Europe's "Final Countdown." Best. Song. Ever. And very apropos considering that Eric and I went to Jonah's 36 week check-up yesterday. They did an ultrasound and checked his heart, and all is looking good. Plus, Jonah is head-down, ready to make his big debut. Of course, he's not full-term for another week but, at this point, if I went into labor, we would just go with it. Personally, being the uber planner I am, I would appreciate a couple more weeks of prep time, but Eric and I are getting super excited to meet him!

Before the big day, though, I thought I'd take a minute to add a few more belly pics. It's been a while since I've shared any, and I have gotten BIG! Here you go:

Our oldest baby (Tilly) getting acquainted with our soon-to-be baby (Jonah) at 32 weeks.
Luna doing the same.
At 34 weeks.
And, finally, at 35 weeks.

Shower Power

As I mentioned in my last *very short* post, my friend Amy, sister Emily, mom, and sister-in-law Lena threw Eric and me a great co-ed baby shower last month. It was big, busy, and fun--a very nice last hurrah before we settle in with Baby Jonah. Here are some pictures from the soiree:

My dad getting the barbeque started before all of the guests arrived.
Pages from the advice book guests contributed to during the shower--Lord knows we will be referring to this!
Amy and Sam, who worked as the present delivery man.
Special guests.
Just as special guests.
The gifts, the gifts! OMG, baby stuff is adorable.
The fantastic, wonderful baby quilt my mom put together to match Jonah's room.
You can't have a party without cupcakes, right? Thanks to Amy U for putting these babies together. They were delish!

All in all, a seriously enjoyable shower. Thanks to our wonderful hostesses for putting this together for us, and to our guests for making it special!