Our Entertaining Not-So-Hotspot

In the midst of my baby-induced home-improvement frenzy, I'm thinking of entering our sunroom into a contest on one of my favorite blogs, www.makingitlovely.com, with the hopes that they can help me figure out what to do with this space. In my estimation, the sunroom could be a fantastic entertaining space, but it needs a little help to get there...

The entry to the sunroom from the dining room.

Our current "design scheme" as you enter the room. Our two pieces of furniture include a giant elliptical machine and a tiny table. Oh,and a fitness ball. Woo!

The view from one end of the room.

And from the other side of the room.

The floor and the view are lovely, I think!

The family member who currently gets the most use out of the sunroom.

When Eric and I purchased our 1966 tri-level house two years ago, the big back yard and the could-be-charming-with-some-work sunroom were two of the biggest selling points. Luckily, Eric loves to garden and landscape, so the yard has become one of our favorite entertaining and hang-out spots. Not so luckily, the sunroom has become a bit of a space that time forgot.

Originally, we had envisioned it as a year-round lounge zone, a place where our family and our guests could kick back with snacks and drinks, turn on some tunes, and catch up. The location is perfect for entertaining, right off of the kitchen and dining room and with two doors opening to the deck and back yard. We even thought of devoting a portion of the space to a mini home gym, considering the beauty of the view through the windows.

Unfortunately, the poor sunroom has mostly been left to languish untouched for the entire time we’ve owned our home, with the exception of us having installed eucalyptus deck tiles over the bare cement floor earlier this spring. Furnishing and decorating the room have taken a backseat to other household projects (Painting! Flooring! Modernizing!), including, most recently, decorating Jonah's nursery. Thus, every time we have a get together at our place, guests are treated to time in our half-hearted gym/cat lounge area that could be so much more.

Would love to get a little www.makingitlovely.com love for the sunroom. Couldn't you just see some nice family and friend hang out time with the baby out there if it actually had some furniture? Sigh...

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Unknown said...

I realize I am commenting on your house when I really should be commenting on the new baby...but I made it here first! Your house is amazing- this room is really quite a nice room with a view. I really like the idea of turning into an entertainment room and I think you can do it easily and without breaking the bank. Now that you have a kiddo (and I am assuming you will have others over that do also) you should have an area dedicated to their play so you can eat & drink and keep an eye on the lil' tykes. I would add only the elements that are most important and keep it nice and open- a long wooden table with chairs (with cushions)around it and a bench on one side provides flexability and fun. I'd add a super soft & squishy couch that invites people to really sink in and be comfy. I'd also add candle light- up high and out of reach of little ones- here, I will give some pictures to my thoughts...
I lean you towards leather because it is much easier to clean up after kiddo leaves behind a mess...
I would go with really bold earthy colors like red and roange to accent all the green in your green yard.
Thanks for letting me play and dream about what I would do...this was fun!