A Room for Baby J

Eric and I have been hard at work on Jonah's room. Still some projects to go, but here's a sneak peak at what we've got so far (pardon the weird lighting--I don't know what's up with that):

The crib, which I LOVE, and my sweet Habitat bookshelf, which I'll be painting white.

J's closet.

Ignore the awesome picture that is hung in a totally stupid place. The picture (by my very talented brother-in-law) is staying, but not hung awkwardly behind a lamp. And I redid this dresser, and am getting ridiculous filling it with adorable baby clothes. This needs to stop, pronto!

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The Britton Clan said...

Umm yeah...you still have a few of months, slow down girl! You are haveing too much fun nesting already. Just wait til the nesting really hits in the end. Just kidding, enjoy every minute of it.