Belly-rama and New Developments in the Nursery

So, as you can see in the photos below, at 30 weeks, I am beginning to move past the cute little pregnant belly to the larger, more prominent sumo wrestler style belly. And I know I'm just going to keep getting bigger. Holy moly.

Anyway, tomorrow is my first official day of vacation, and I'm excited. I intend to spend a large proportion of vacation lying around and being generally lazy. However, those of you who know me well are fully aware that I will most likely get crazy with baby projects at some point. Until that point, here are some updates to the nursery that have been made in the last couple of weeks.

A roman shade I made with my mom. Okay, let's face it, I just assisted my mom. I'm still afraid of my sewing machine.

Coordinating trim for the closet curtains. I sewed a bit more on these, but nothing to write home about.

And last, but not least, Jonah's monkey mobile. Definitely nowhere near as cute on camera as in real life, but what can you do? I love it!


AA said...

The Nursery sure is coming together! I love the hippo fabric-where did you get that? Funny, after so much effort-we have yet to use our nursery;)

Melanie said...

The hippo fabric is actually deconstructed curtains from Target. It was just too cute to pass up. As for the nursery issue, I'm sure he'll be in the eventually, if not at first--at the very least, it has been keeping me busy, which is a good thing!