Belly-rama and New Developments in the Nursery

So, as you can see in the photos below, at 30 weeks, I am beginning to move past the cute little pregnant belly to the larger, more prominent sumo wrestler style belly. And I know I'm just going to keep getting bigger. Holy moly.

Anyway, tomorrow is my first official day of vacation, and I'm excited. I intend to spend a large proportion of vacation lying around and being generally lazy. However, those of you who know me well are fully aware that I will most likely get crazy with baby projects at some point. Until that point, here are some updates to the nursery that have been made in the last couple of weeks.

A roman shade I made with my mom. Okay, let's face it, I just assisted my mom. I'm still afraid of my sewing machine.

Coordinating trim for the closet curtains. I sewed a bit more on these, but nothing to write home about.

And last, but not least, Jonah's monkey mobile. Definitely nowhere near as cute on camera as in real life, but what can you do? I love it!


A Room for Baby J

Eric and I have been hard at work on Jonah's room. Still some projects to go, but here's a sneak peak at what we've got so far (pardon the weird lighting--I don't know what's up with that):

The crib, which I LOVE, and my sweet Habitat bookshelf, which I'll be painting white.

J's closet.

Ignore the awesome picture that is hung in a totally stupid place. The picture (by my very talented brother-in-law) is staying, but not hung awkwardly behind a lamp. And I redid this dresser, and am getting ridiculous filling it with adorable baby clothes. This needs to stop, pronto!


The Evolution of the Belly

My friends from out of town have requested belly pictures many times over the last few months, and I have just kept promising I would send some. Of course, promises are frequently broken--until now. Yay! I'm finally going to post some belly pictures. So, here we go with the evolution of the belly.

At 21 Weeks

At 22 Weeks

At 26 Weeks

At 27 Weeks

Maybe, for the next picture, I should try a different pose, eh? That could be very exciting!

A New Start

Now that there is actually something interesting to write about--the impending arrival of Baby Jonah!--I've decided to make a fresh start with the blog. This time, I'm thinking coming up with updates topics might be easier, as pregnancy and babies tend to lend themselves to lots of stories and photo ops. I'm optimistic that I will update more than twice per year from here on out. Keep your fingers crossed, friends, that I am a woman of my word...