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Over the course of the last month, I have thought about posting a blog on numerous occasions, but just haven't gotten around to it. Things have been busy around the P household. I've been working like a crazy lady on my dissertation, and still have a lot of work to do. Plus, we've been house-hunting, and trying to fit in some social time. And, finally, I've been sucked into reading the Harry Potter books, thanks to my brother-in-law, which we all knows means a serious time commitment. I'm on book five and it's soooo long. Holy smokes it's long.

So, anyway, that's my probably unnecessary post about my lack of posting. On to the real post. I'm sure I could talk and talk about the dissertation but, seriously, who really cares about that? The house hunt has been more interesting. We've kind of narrowed our search down to a few neighborhoods we like in Longmont, got hooked up with a local realtor, and have been checking some places out. There have been a few cool prospects so far:

1. Awesome 50's-style house on the edge of Old Town. Upsides: Big back yard, awesome sunroom, and the obvious draw of the neighborhood. Downside: Out of our price range. And probably not terribly out of our price range, but Eric and I don't want to be tied down by a mega mortgage payment. We seriously thought about putting an offer down on this house, but decided against it. Sad.

2. Sweet brick ranch-style house. I know that some people hate ranch-style houses, but we've been kind of digging on them. I like the floor plans and the big windows that we've seen in the ranches we've looked at. And the one we like the most has wood floors, a sweet deck, and a super nice kitchen. I am a sucker for nice kitchens.

3. A tri-level house that looks almost exactly like my parents' house in Grand Junction, which I know I will get teased about if we end up buying it. However, there are some definite pluses: Great schools, quiet neighborhood, totally bitchin' back yard, and some serious square footage. We're actually taking a second look at this one on Friday. I'm turning into my mom more and more every day. Which is okay, because me mom is awesome, but still funny.

So, those are the highlights of the house hunt. Originally, we were dead set on a cute little fixer-upper in the heart of Old Town. Once we actually started looking, though, we realized that the cute little fixer-uppers in our price range are cute, but a bit more of fixer uppers than we would prefer and reeeeeaaaaally little. We're planning on a couple of bambinos in a couple of years, so we've kind of had to adjust our criteria. I think we're both feeling happy with the direction we're going. Once we find the one, I'll post some pics. Woo!

Anyway, back to the dissertation (and/or surfing real estate web sites). Happy last week in February!

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Amy said...

How exciting Mel! You have been busy. . . dissertation and house hunting and working and cooking and. . . the list can continue I know. Good to hear all is going well down in Longmont. Talk to you soon.