Back to Work

It's the Monday after New Years and, after two glorious weeks off, I'm back to work. The break went fast, but it was a good time. Here, a list of the highlights (and lowlights) of my time off:

1. Spent two and a half awesomely lazy days at my parents' over Christmas. Got to open presents with both my sister (via Skype) and brother, which is an increasingly rare occasion. It was lovely.

2. Got in a car accident on Vail pass heading home from the Junk. Totally not our fault, but we're still trying to get the girl who hit us to make a claim. The worst part is that Eric and I were borrowing my sister's car because mine was having trouble, so it's looking like it's been through a demolition derby. Sorry, Em...

3. Worked on my dissertation a whopping four hours. Considering I was planning on two hours per day every day, this is not ideal. Oh well.

4. Learned to play Guitar Hero at our friends' Josh and Jackie's house. I'm completely hooked. Good think Eric and I are still stuck in the N64 era, or I would be blowing some of our house fund.

5. Spent days in Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins meeting up with friends and visiting some favorite spots. Including lunch at Jerusalem's. Mmmmm...

6. Tried (fruitlessly) to learn to crochet. I'm convinced I have poor fine motor skills.

7. Came to the realization that working out is a hell of a lot more fun while watching HGTV. I've spent more time on the treadmill the past two weeks that I have in a long time, just because I can't tear myself away from episodes of "House Hunters".

8. Cried my eyes out watching a nature documentary in which orcas torture and eat seal pups. I'm ridiculous.

9. Cried my eyes out at "Marley and Me". Ditto to the ridiculous comment.

10. Spent time with my fam, my husband, my friends (although I would have liked to have met up with some of my buddies in The Junk), and my baby kitties. You gotta love that.

Overall, I'd have to say that I'm pretty pleased with this year's winter break. Yes, I would have loved an additional two weeks, but I really can't complain. Happy New Year, everyone!

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