I Guess I'm a Hater

It's last day of work before vacation and, miraculously, I'm pretty caught up on my paperwork. Seriously, it's a Christmas miracle that I got through all of my paperwork this week. Anyway, since I do have a few free minutes, I'm taking a break to put up a short post.

At lunch, the counselors and I were talking about dangerous dog breeds. I know that there is a lot to be said about the effects of proper breeding and training, but certain breeds of dogs frighten me. I'm guessing that I'm a little biased about this because a) I grew up next to a terribly mean pit bull that attacked my neighbor and 2) I've been attacked by dogs twice in the last ten years (once by a chow and the other time by a German shepherd). I recognize that I'm totally biased.

Anyway, the point is that, even though I'm a crazy animal lover in general, I'm skittish about big dogs. After our talk at lunch, I Googled the most dangerous dog breeds and, although there's lots of debate about how accurate the stats are, my pit bull, chow, and shepherd were all on the list. As well as this guy, a Presa Canario. I have never seen one of these, but it might just be the freakiest looking dog I have ever seen. I'm sure they can be great pets but, with my tainted dog history, I would have a heart attack if I went to somebody's house and this thing jumped up on me... Aaaaaah!
If Eric and I ever get a dog--which we might because I really like dogs--it's going to have to be a breed that doesn't look like it could eat my face at any minute and that I can get away from. No Presa Canarios in my future.


Amy said...

I am with you! I am a hater of pit bulls since two of them killed one of my childhood dogs. Thankfully they are illegal in certain areas of CO. The trick to big dogs is getting them trained from the get go and that would be where Brent and I went wrong. Darn it! However, we still love our dopey Daisy and she is the best listener in the world. Good luck to you in your dog owning future! It's a good life.

Melanie said...

So sad to hear about your childhood dogs, Amy. That's terrible. You guys went with a pretty safe bet with Daisy, though. Dopey or not, I know she's a sweetie.Merry Christmas!