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I'm at UNC today, so that I can run my stats for my dissertation. For those of you who haven't been up-to-date on the never ending dissertation saga, yes, I am in the home stretch. And I'm starting the home stretch way too early in the day. Working in the public schools, I'm programmed to think that you always have to arrive in the morning at 7:00 a.m. so, of course, I'm here before the stats lab is even open. So here I am blogging.

Being here is kind of a weird feeling. Even though I'm technically still a student, since the dissertation has been a slow process, it's been almost two and a half years since I actually took any college classes. And, now that I'm back, I feel OLD. Of course, grad students are old by definition but, seriously, after having been out working, I feel really out of place. And kind of nostalgic. There's something really fun about being a student--a full time student--that I miss. I miss walking to school with my headphones on, going to classes, working for professors. At the time that I was actually doing those things, I'm sure I didn't find them as charming but, now that I'm so far removed from them, I miss them.

People always joke around about how they would never go back to another stage in their lives, especially high school. When I think back, though, I probably would like to. In my case, I would love to go back and experience college and do things a little bit differently. I like that I wasn't a big drinker in college and like that I went to TONS of shows. Beyond that, there are mostly things I would do differently if I were to be granted a redo. If I could rewind my life to the beginning of college, I would invest more time in friends I neglected and later realized were my real friends. I would spend less time worrying about the ones that were throw-aways. I would take more Spanish classes, so that, now, my husband and I could actually converse in our second language and I could pull my weight when we travel. I would invest more in myself than I would in making other people happy. I would spend more time outside, camping, hiking, taking pictures.

Of course, I can't rewind my life and, in many ways, I wouldn't want to because I would lose a lot of the things I have now that I love--my husband, my cats, my travel experience--but it's always interesting to think how things would have turned out had you made just a few different choices. Okay, enough nostalgic, hypothetical mumbo jumbo. Time to get down to the statistics. Wooo! Happy Monday, everyone.

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The Britton Clan said...

I wish I had time to sit around and think about what I would do differently. I'm sure that time will come. Right now I am just flying by the seat of my pants.