Sing With Me Now!

So, lately, I've been on a bit of a tear buying DVDs. Generally, I'm buying the mega bargain DVDs (good thing I have obscure taste, eh?) and, most of the time, I'm not buying anything that Eric would want to see. Truthfully, almost every DVD I've bought has been some sort of guilty pleasure: The Cutting Edge (figure skating--very guilty pleasure), Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Eric would not be caught dead watching this), things like that... I do feel a little guilty that I'm not buying movies that I know are also interesting for my husband but, really, I generally only watch non-Netflix movies when I'm by myself, so I figure it's okay.

Yesterday, I crossed several lines. First, I bought a full-price DVD--Yowza! And, second, I bought a Disney DVD. I bought...The Little Mermaid...and, I'll admit it, I was pretty stoked. Lately, I've been in kind of a girlie, moody, nostalgic mood and TLM is exactly what I needed. So, yesterday, while Eric was on a long bike ride, I busted that thing out and watched not only the movie but all of the bonus features as well. I was probably on the couch watching Little Mermaid material for over three hours. And, I might add, it was sweet. I laughed, I sang along, I teared up on no less than three occasions. How could I have forgotten how freaking awesome that movie is?! How?! SO GOOD.

Thank you Little Mermaid, for making my Saturday. THANK YOU.

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The Britton Clan said...

The best part about having a daughter is that she is my excuse for watching such things. I love movies that bring back memories. Girls just want to have fun!