Oh, the shamefulness of being a cat person...

What I have on my mind right now is heavy, unfun special education stuff. However, I refuse to continue to write heavy, unfun blogs. Therefore, I am making a concerted effort to write this blog about something a little more light hearted. Here goes:

For those of you who aren't aware of this, Eric and I have two cats, Tilly and Luna. We adopted them both from shelters last year and, I'll admit it, we're into our cats. We buy them toys, we spend money to get them grain-free food, we talk to them. We even *gasp* have a piece of cat furniture for them to perch on and scratch on in hopes that they climb on and scratch our people furniture less.

In general, I enjoy dogs, but have always been more of a cat person. For me and, thankfully, also for Eric, cats' personalities just jive better. Plus, we both enjoy the fact that cats are relatively low maintenance. Assuming you leave them enough food and water, they can survive a few days without you, thus facilitating impromptu vacations. I have no shame about preferring cats or about the fact that, in particular, I prefer our cats. They're pretty cool. They make me happy.

However, I've noticed the trend to label people who own and like cats "cat people", which makes me crazy sometimes. Yes, I joke about being a crazy cat lady but, in all actuality, I am not one. I do not have forty cats. I do not live alone with only my cats to keep me company. I do not cook special meals for my cats or subscribe to Cat Fancy magazine. I would say that, overall, Eric and I are just responsible and active pet owners.

I have an awful lot of friends who are WAY more into their dogs than Eric and I are into our cats. People, especially in our neck of the woods, actually passed a bill designating dogs "sentient beings" and prefer the term "companions" to "owners" when describing their relationships with their dogs. I have never heard these people referred to as "dog people" in the sarcastic manner reserved for cat owners. I've certainly never heard anybody being referred to as a "crazy dog person". Come on, people.

What is it about cats that has somehow made their owners fair game for labeling and psychological diagnosis? 99.99% of us cat owners are pretty darn normal and devote the same amount of attention and love to our cats that our dog-loving counterparts do. And please recognize the tongue-in-cheek tone of this blog, but I do find this whole phenomenon strange. Perhaps this is something that will always be an unsolved mystery (I loved that show!)...

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