ISO a Hobby

My lord, do I need a hobby. Back in high school, I was involved in so many sports and clubs and social events that I can't even imagine how I fit them all in. Now, when people ask me what I like to do, I struggle to think of things to say. I like to watch movies. I like to meet friends for lunch. I like to read. I like to hang out with my husband and my cats. Really, though, I wouldn't consider those things legitimate hobbies. Don't get me wrong, I love doing those things, but my idea of a hobby is a skill that you cultivate over time, that you're continually working on.

I keep catching myself wondering how I got to this point and it's finally dawned on me. BOYS. Boys have taken away all of hobbies! I know that sounds ridiculous, but hear me out. All through undergrad and grad school and internship, I was in one long-distance relationship or another. No, they weren't extremely long-distance relationships--I was always within two hours' driving distance--but they were time consuming. I was on the phone every evening and driving to or from my boyfriends' houses every single weekend. And, of course, when I only got to see my boyfriend on the weekends, I was using every minute for quality time, not for pursuing a hobby. Finally, Eric and I did actually live together last year but, once again, a boy issue (i.e., planning the wedding--only tangentially a boy issue, but you get the point) took up all of my time. Yes, there were other things going on in my life, like school, but boys are much easier scapegoats. So, there you have it, boys took away my hobbies.

Being an idea girl, I've committed myself to getting started on some new hobbies. I want to feel accomplished and busy and wonderful. So, anyway, here is my list of possible new (or recycled) hobbies I'm kicking around:

1. Learning to play tennis
2. Re-learning how to play the violin
3. Becoming totally bitchin' in the kitchen (a.k.a. cooking)

Any more ideas on how to transform this grandma-ish, hobby-less woman into a superstar talentmeister? Let me know. I'm all ears.


Amy said...

Prior to my second child, I took tennis lessons in Loveland with about 4 other girls and it was a blast. I also took a class on cake decorating which was an expensive attempt at starting a new hobby. However, you should know that the boyfriend time is usually replaced with children and hobbies again become a thing of the past which is really sad. I try to include my kids in my hobbies so Payton and I decorated a cake the other day together. She loved it and I felt good about it. Yummy!

The Britton Clan said...

Cake decorating is for sure the way to go. Next time I am in town I'll give you a crash course.