This Thanksgiving, we were lucky enough to have a two-fer. First, we celebrated Thanksgiving Day at Nana and Grandpa M's house up the street, where we were joined by Great Grandpa and Uncle Tucker. Then, Eric and Jonah headed up to Fort Collins the following Sunday to celebrate a second time with Grandpa and Grandma P, Nate and Lena, and Laszlo (I was studying, and missed out. Boo.) So thankful for our family on both sides. Despite our high degree of thankfulness, we didn't get a lot of photos either place, but Great Grandpa did get a couple during Thanksgiving Celebration #1, so here you go!


We have a lot of beautiful, old trees in our yard, which means a lot of raking. Eric selflessly does it all himself--I certainly can't take any credit--but at least this year he had a raking buddy. Jonah loves time with his Dada and loves playing in the leaves, and we have the pictures to show for it.

Busy Bee

For Halloween this year, I had my hopes set on Jonah being a baby lion. However, when I finally got around to ordering my dream costume (no, I don't make his costumes, and am perfectly content with Pottery Barn taking that honor), it was out of stock. EVERYWHERE. I was not happy. However, we ended up going for the bumblebee costume instead, and Jonah was pretty darn adorable. I can't complain about my little man in a cute costume. He knows how to work it. Also, we got some quality time in with Nana and Grandpa, as well as a trick-or-treating visit from our friend Hollybel. Very good time. Here are a few photos from this year's Halloween.



It's Family Time

So, let's pretend that I didn't fall into a licensure-exam-studying vortex for the last few months, totally neglecting all of my other duties (including cooking, exercising, blogging, and other important life activities). And with that in mind, let's look at some photos from October, and pretend they are not ancient. We were lucky enough to have a lovely visit from Uncle Nate, Auntie Lena, and Cousin Laszlo way back when, pre-Halloween. They are wonderful, and we had a blast. Enjoy the photos.



At the Patch

This past weekend, we went with some friends of ours to Miller Farms near Platteville to pick up some pumpkins. That place is awesome! Jonah had a fantastic time "driving" the tractors, saying hi to the goats and chickens, and selecting some tiny Jonah-sized pumpkins. Can't wait until Halloween!



We Are Definitely Two

Here are Jonah's two-year-old portraits, taken by the lovely and talented Lynette Seelmeyer. With Jonah being two and us shooting at a playground, it was quite the task for Lynette to get many formal portraits (we all got a workout!), but I am really happy with how the pictures turned out. We even got some nice shots of Jonah with Nana and Grandpa M to commemorate the end of two years of them providing full-time childcare to him (for which we are eternally grateful). Enjoy!